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time is relative

by Android K-17

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I made these because I wanted some ambience for my potential streams. they are lazy, zero-effort things where I just hold a single chord for a couple minutes, put every effect plugin on it, and play around with drums. the only catch is that none of them are in 4/4 time, and I'm not telling you what they are in. try to count them.

it was an interesting experience to work like this, and it felt good to be able to say I finished things. the end results are even kinda satisfying. might have to apply some of this type of style to my bigger projects.

also, here's a fun fact. not only is the art AI generated ( but the main instrument of the songs are also based on AI randomness. my entire streaming plan was also designed by AI generators.

if I make more of these, I'll add them to this album behind your back and you'll never know.

You can download the stems here if you want to play with them:

other platforms:


released February 18, 2021


This music IS stream safe, but IS NOT YouTube safe! If you use this on YouTube, you WILL get a Content ID claim!

Content ID claims are NOT Copyright Strikes, you will NOT get into any legal trouble, your channel will be in no danger, it will only cause you to lose revenue for that video.

But please, DO NOT use this music in your streams if you upload full unedited VODs to YouTube. I don't want to take your money from you. Only use it if you can edit it out of your VOD.

Because of that, this is also my only original release not to be licensed with Creative Commons, and I've released it under a different name to separate it from the rest of my work.


all rights reserved




Hi, I'm Kit, also known as Kerosyn, and I make angry noises into slightly prettier angry noises, then I try to tell stories with them.

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